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Care Instructions

Get your glow on in our Indah wrap. You'll brighten any room in this radiant green.

Our lightweight head wraps are 100% cotton linen, one-of a-kind, and easy to use. Twist it, tie it, or tuck it and let your most bold and confident self shine through. Our head wraps compliment all hair types and can also be styled as a top. Each wrap is handmade so pattern and sizes could vary slightly.

Dimensions: 170 cm x 54 cm

Care Instructions
Your product has been made with love, so it should be treated as a delicate! We suggest you wash your item separately to avoid color transfer. Soak your item in cold water with 2-3 drops of a gentle detergent for 5-10 minutes. Carefully hand wash to remove any dirt, and hang to dry.

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