Our Story

Wraps & Whatever was created in 2019 by Bria Caldwell—an avid traveler, humanitarian and head wrap enthusiast in search of making a direct and positive impact to those around her. What started with a few homemade head wraps for protection against poor water quality in Bali has grown into an international company that has produced hundreds of head wraps that have reached the hands of people located in North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Self expression, transparency, confidence and inclusion are at the center of our philosophy. These principles can be seen in each part of our company, from responsible production, made-to-last quality, and exceptional customer service.

Wraps & Whatever is proud to directly employ the talents of local textile producers,  dye masters, graphic designers and tailors. We've made it our mission to create local jobs that directly benefit the communities that inspire our products while giving artisans the opportunity to continue doing what they love. By shopping Wraps & Whatever, you are making a positive change within the textile industry.

We want our products to make you feel courageous and bold to accept life’s challenges. We are a company that listens to what you need and gives you the best colors, patterns and fit. Most importantly, we want to be a brand that you are proud to represent and inspires you to focus on whatever is good. That is the heart of Wraps & Whatever.

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